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Replace or Fix-it

Most home owners are in dilemma weather to replace or fix the broken or faulty Washing Machine. Most washing machine problems can be generally fixed at a very reasonable cost. After the repair by our trained technicians the machine will work like new for a long time without any issues. Being costly equipment, it makes sense to get it repaired in case of any trouble instead of choosing to simply replace it.

Most experts suggest 50% rule, that is if the cost of repair is over 50% of the cost of replacement its advice to replace or else fix it. It’s also advisable to replace if the machine is over 9 year’s old and giving regular troubles like excessive leakage and noise.

Always give us a call at +65 85116346 for a rough on call quote for repairing your machine and we will be happy to guide you.

Should You Self-repair?

Some people are overly inspired to repair their faulty Washing Machine on their own by referring to numerous online self-help videos and guides. Is it a good idea? Surely not unless you are an experienced engineer with complete know how and skills to carry out the repair on your own which sure is a distant possibility. Though all different brands and makes perform same function their working and parts may differ significantly and will need specialized knowledge of each brand for proper addressing of the issue. We have a team of highly skilled technician who are experts in different brands and makes of Washing Machines. The biggest reasons why we advise not to try repairing on your own are as follows:

  • You will not have of proper equipment and tools to open the machine.
  • Being bulky equipment there are high changes of injuring yourself.
  • Changes of electrocution endangering your life.
  • No access to spare parts needed for replacement.
  • Waste of time and chances of further damage to the machine.

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